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Performer + Booking Agency + Vocal Coach

Kylie Fisher aka Lady Red is a triple threat.

With nearly two decades in the music industry, she has performed around the world from Corporate Events, Musical Theatre & recently for Carnival Corporation as a Piano Bars Entertainer.

Lady Red Entertainment is also the name of her Music Agency.

Kylie works with venues & music industry companies to provide 

Live Music.

In 2010 Kylie played the role of Lamb Chops in the Australian tour of "Fame the Musical".

In 2011 she was the lead singer for NCL in Europe and this began her passion for performing on cruise ships. 

From 2012 she came home to Sydney where her career took off and she was performing 5+ nights a week as a Soloist, with her guitarist or with her band. This was a great season of growth and building longevity

In 2017 Kylie represented Australia to perform for the President of Lebanon and the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Embassy.

She performed a song she was commissioned to write for the Lebanese community of Australia. "This is Home" is available on iTunes.

From 2017 - 2020 Kylie was working for Carnival Cruise Lines USA and P&O Australia as a Piano Bar Entertainer. 

Since the pandemic, Kylie took some well needed R&R and has planted her feet in the sand in the Sunshine state of Australia. 

She is still performing locally and cannot wait to see how 2021 unfolds.

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Life Coach + Podcast Host + Motivational Speaker 

The Entertainers Coach


Kylie, with her 15+ years in the Entertainment Industry has lived by her own TRUTH of U R NOT UR TALENT.

She has always had a passion to help others, it was putting the puzzle together & becoming a Life Coach. 

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The Motivator


Some of us have natural positive energy.

Some of us need a little help along the way.  

Kylie's Instagram will encourage you to think about your mindset & remembering to always include fun in your day. 

A little MOTIVATION can help you along the journey

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The Podcast Host


 U R NOT UR TALENT  has been a strong message through out Kylie's performance career.

On her podcast LADY RED LIVE, she speaks to the every day creatives about their journey in the music industry.

Discovering WHO they do does not define WHO they are



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Creating a personal brand to infulence others


The Freedom Life

Showing up every day -  AS ME 


Live the life YOU Desire

The Dream Life
The Freedom Life


I am a creative & I've longed for many years to find a way out.

I have sacrifced my weekends, my friends & being away from home for the dream of being an entertainer.

Don't get me wrong I love my career.

The only problem is


I was stuck in a job that couldn't see my worth


I was stuck being broke


I was stuck with no time for the things that bring me joy


I was stuck feeling anything but complete love and bliss for life

I asked myself - “What will it cost me if I don’t?"


I've found an online space that I can be myself,

I can share who I am on social media & get paid for it. 

All I need to do it SHOW UP! 

In this webinar below you will learn 

- The 3 pillars to creating and online income

- How to achieve time freedom so you can do more of what you love 

- How to create true freedom of finances & the power of money to support your dream lifestyle

- how to fully unleash your potential

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