Create. Dream. Captivate.

Kylie Fisher created Lady Red Entertainment in 2017 realising Sydney's entertainment industry was in need of re-invention to meet the ever changing needs in the market place.

Kylies teams’ transparency echo’s that shift in the industry and realises that best outcomes for both the artists and venues needed to be addressed. We are diligent as to whom we represent, providing them an opportunity to boost their career by offering them all kinds of openings in the world of music through our impressive client roster.

Lady Red Entertainment is here to inspire the venue(s), artist(s) to think outside of the square, stimulating dreams and ideas that will create captivating moments leaving an indelible mark in people’s hearts and minds.

Lady Red Entertainment is here to inspire the venue to think out of the box, to see a bride see her dreams come true on her special day & to see the next generation be filled by captivating moments that fill their hearts desire to be more creative in their life. 

Kylie Fisher


Sydney, Australia

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